The Debbie and Ron Ogden Scholarship


Promoting careers in emergency services

The members of the Seeley Lake Volunteer Fire Foundation established the Debbie & Ron Ogden Scholarship Fund in memory of two former members and longtime friends, Debbie & Ron Ogden. The scholarship is for students of the Seeley Swan High School or Seeley Lake Home Schoolers who wish to pursue a career in Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement, or any other career in emergency services or health care related field. 

Download Your Scholarship Application Today

Ron Debbie Ogden Scholarship Application (pdf)


Free Smoke Alarm Program


The Seeley Lake Fire Department is committed to your safety!

Smoke Detectors are available FREE OF CHARGE at the station!  Stop in and receive yours today!

House fires increase in the colder months. Wood stoves and heat sources are cranking up. We loan out free chimney brushes in an effort to decrease chimney fires. If you have a smoke detector, this is a good time to check the battery. Additionally, your smoke Detectors should be replaced at least every 10 years.

Smoke detectors save lives! Click HERE for info on the importance of smoke alarms, different types available and proper placement.

Don't be caught while you sleep tonight, without a working smoke detector and a pre-planned home evacuation route. If you need help placing your smoke alarms or putting together an evacuation plan, let us know. We will come to your house and perform a free evaluation and help you put a safety plan together. Don't wait until a fire happens! Let us help you prepare today!


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