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How To Escape A Burning Building

How To Escape A Burning Building

 In 2010, fire departments across the US responded to a total of 384,000 home fires. These fires caused $7.5 billion damage each year, killed 2,640 people, and injured another 13,350—that's a death every 169 minutes and an injury every half hour. Here's how to prevent your family from becoming part of that statistic.

Homeowners’ Guide to Forest Fires: How to Protect Your Home

Throughout the past few decades, wildfires have caused devastating damage to widespread regions. In June 2017, wildfires ravaged five states, aided by gusty winds and scorching summer temperatures. Your home doesn’t have to be nestled near the woods to be at risk of damage from wildfires and forest fires; out-of-control fires fueled by the “perfect storm” of weather conditions can wreak havoc on wilderness and homes spread across hundreds of miles.

Firefighters and Asbestos Exposure

Firefighters face uniquely extreme asbestos exposure risks, and as a result, they suffer an elevated rate of asbestos-related diseases such as mesothelioma. Many organizations support firefighters with occupational cancer and work to prevent toxic exposure in the future.

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