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 Our primary mission is to assist the public with their non-emergent needs when possible, while also providing for adequate coverage for emergency responses into and out of the Seeley Lake Rural Fire District. Regardless of the status of our front office The Seeley Lake Rural Fire District staff and volunteers are committed to never missing a Call for Service request from 911. That commitment is in affect 24 hours a day 365 days a year. 

Rewarding AND Fun!

 SLRFD operates out of two fire stations, responding to fire and medical emergencies as well as any call for assistance from our community. We work hand in hand with all of our surrounding Departments and agencies. 

We believe in training that makes our members comfortable in the duties that they will be asked to perform in the service of their community. We also believe in making volunteering fun! Though there are times when much is asked in the heat of the call, there is also plenty of time to have fun with your Volunteer Brothers and Sisters. You will become part of this family!

What are you waiting for? Come join the SLRFD Family!

 We are currently seeking motivated men and woman living in or near Seeley Lake to Volunteer for our Fire District. We will provide the training to make you successful as a Volunteer Firefighter. 

 Please contact us if you have any interest or questions about volunteering. A call does not constitute a commitment and we would love to talk to you and answer any questions you may have. We need you and your community needs you! 

Department Personnel

Board of Trustees

Scott Kennedy - Chairman 

Gary Lewis - Vice Chairman

Rachel Jennings - Secretary

Connie Clark - Trustee

Rita Rossi - Trustee


Michael Greer - Fire Chief

Lynn Richards - District Admnistrator

James Sackett - Maintenance 


Michael Richards

Scott Kennedy

Rita Rossi

Angie Scott-Kelley

Cory Calnan

Bill Bogardus

Dan Johnson

Donna Bogardus

Monica Bogardus

John Homen

Laura Wood

Randy Gazda

Kyle Zumwalt

Rachel Jennings

Kody Kelley

Michael Brown

Scott Eggeman

Shanna DeVore

Amanda Greer

James Sackett

Svetlana Vasilchenko

Michael Henry

Martin Cahoon

Jaycee McGraves

Shelley McGraves

Diane Jones

Brenna Ostertag

Cole Henrekin



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