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The Ron and Debbie Ogden Scholarship

The members of the Seeley Lake Fire Department established the Debbie & Ron Ogden Scholarship Fund in memory of two former members and longtime friends, Debbie & Ron Ogden. The scholarship is for students of the Seeley Swan High School or Seeley Lake Home Schoolers, who wish to pursue a career in Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement, or any other career in emergency services.

To Apply Download Application

The Seeley Lake Fire Department is committed to your safety. Smoke Detectors are available free of charge at the station.

Please stop in and receive your free detector.

House fires increase in the colder months. Wood stoves and heat sources are cranking up. We loan out free chimney brushes in an effort to decrease chimney fires.

If you have a smoke detector, this is a good time to check the battery. Smoke Detectors should not be older than 10 years.

Smoke detectors save lives…don't be caught while you sleep tonight, without a working smoke detector and a pre-planned home evacuation route. We can help you with home evacuation planning.

Thank you
Fire Chief and Crew,
Seeley Lake Rural Fire District


Your Seeley Lake Fire Department is dedicated to respond on all 911 emergency calls regardless of the status of this office. This office is staffed by two employees; we try to keep this office open on business days from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

In keeping with and recognizing Missoula County office hours, this office is officially closed on all Missoula County recognized holidays and weekends.

The holidays are as follows:
New Year's Day, January 1
Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the third Monday in January
Presidents' Day, the third Monday in February
Memorial Day, the last Monday in May
Independence Day, July 4
Labor Day, the first Monday in September
Columbus Day, the second Monday in October
Veterans' Day, November 11
Thanksgiving Day, the fourth Thursday, in November
Christmas Day, December 25
State General Election Day (on even numbered years)

In addition, the following occurrences can also cause our staff of two to be unable to guarantee the office is operational on the above mentioned business days.

They are as follows and not limited to:
  •  Sick & Vacation Time
  •  911 Emergencies
  •  Public non-emergent requests and needs
  •  Fire inspections
  •  Business and school educational visits
  •  Training
  •  Out of town meetings
  •  Ambulance transports
  •  Fires
  •  Maintaining response vehicles
  •  Mutual aid requests into neighboring Fire Districts

After business hours we are still called up to respond to late night calls throughout our district and neighboring Departments through our Mutual Aid contract. This can make the next day's staffing difficult. We are also responding throughout the weekend.

Our primary mission is to assist the public with their non-emergent needs when possible, while also providing for adequate coverage for emergency responses into and out of the Seeley Lake Rural Fire District. Regardless of the status of our front office The Seeley Lake Rural Fire District staff and volunteers are committed to never missing a Call for Service request from 911. That commitment is in affect 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

If you have an emergency please call 911.

For non-emergent requests call our office at: 406-677-2400.


The monthly meeting of the Seeley Lake Fire Department Board to meet, Tuesday, December 19, 6:00 pm at the SLFD Fire Station.

Seeley Lake Rural Fire District
Seeley Lake, MT 59868
For December 12, 2017

Time: 4:30 PM


______________ Made a motion to approve the November 21, 2017
Minutes; ___________ seconded the motion. Motion carried? Yes/No

______________ Made a motion to approve the December 12, 2017 Special Board Meeting
Minutes; ___________ seconded the motion. Motion carried? Yes/No


______________ Made a motion to approve the November 2017 financial report in the amount of $ __________ Seconded the motion. Motion carried? Yes/No

   1. Call Volume
   2. Recruitment
   3. Grants Update
   4. SCBA Update
   5. Updates/Actions

   1. Mill Levey Rate Increase
   2. Hub Insurance Deductibles
   3. Alternative Gas Card
   4. 61 Lot Subdivision
   5. Narcotics Follow Up

VII. NEW BUSINESS (Brief Member/Public Comments after topics as necessary)
   1. Minutes Published to Website
   2. Special District Election
   3. Employee Pay Raise Approval

NOTE: Agenda is subject to change within 48 hours prior to start of the meeting.

For more information or to voluteer for the department, please contact us at 406-677-2400.

Join The SLFD Team Today

Information & Application
We, Seeley Lake Volunteer Firefighters, EMTs and staff do what we do because we care about you.

The well-being of Your life and your property… matter to us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Download Application Packet

SLRFD needs Volunteer Firefighters and EMT's.

We are currently seeking motivated men and woman living in or near Seeley Lake to Volunteer for our Fire District. We will provide the training to make you successful as a Volunteer Firefighter.

We also offer classes periodically if you desire to be a EMT.

SLRFD operates out of two fire stations. We respond to Fire and Medical Emergencies. We work hand in hand with all of our surrounding Depts. and agencies. We believe in training that makes our members comfortable in the duties that they will be asked to perform in the service of their community. We also believe in making volunteering fun. Though there are times when much is asked in the heat of the 911 dispatches, there is also plenty of time to have fun with your Volunteer Brothers and Sisters. You will become part of this family.

Please contact us if you have any interest or questions about volunteering. A call does not constitute a commitment and we would love to talk to you and answer any questions you may have. We need you!

Office: 406-677-2400


SLFD Dedicated to Training Staff and Community Volunteers

Training Schedules will be updated shortly. Some training will be offered to the public, including Basic Life Saving, Pet 911, and more.

Postings will be at the station as well.

For more information about upcoming training or testing, please contact us, 406-677-2400.


Seeley Lake Rural Volunteer Fire Department

Our Mission is to prevent the loss of life, fire prevention, public education and protect the environment.

We are currently seeking volunteers.
  •   Must be at least 18 years of age.
  •   Live or work in the district covered by department       (Negotiable).
  •   Hold a valid driver's License.
  •   Commit a minimum amount of time to voluteer and train.
  •   No experience required.
  •   Help with department functions.

Benefits of Voluteering
  •   Personal satisfaction and pride in helping others.
  •   Make a difference in your community.
  •   Training and education opportunities.
  •   New friendships and lasting bonds.
  •   Free: Fire and EMS protective equipment and gear.

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